National Pump Quick Reference

Are you not sure which National Pump Company parts you need for your plunger pumps or piston pumps? Danco Pump & Supply is here to help you. As a leading provider of pump parts and services, our crew is very familiar with all of the parts you may need for your pumps. From custom machining services to providing you with remanufactured parts, our business is ready to help your business run in an efficient manner.

As you can see by reviewing this list of National Pump Company parts, we have tracked the new model reference numbers for single-acting, continuous duty pumps. This means that if your plunger pumps are one of the older models, you can look up the old number and figure out which new model selections will work with your current pump. If you have any questions about parts for your plunger or piston pumps, feel free to contact our crew and we will assist you!

New Model #s HP Type Old Model #s
30T-2 30 Triplex J-30-L, J-30-H
60T-3 60 Triplex J-60-L, J-60-M, J-60-H
80T-3 80 Triplex 80T-3L, 80T-3M, 80T-3H
100T-4 100 Triplex J-100-L, J-100-M, J-100-H
130T-4 130 Triplex 130T-4L, 130T-4M, 130T-4H
133T-4 133 Triplex T140-4, T140-3, T140-2
165T-5 165 Triplex J-165-L, J-165-M, J-165-H
200T-5 200 Triplex J-200-L, J-200-M, J-200-H
250T-5 250 Triplex 250T-5L, 250T-5M, 250T-5H
300Q-5 300 Quintuplex J-275-L, J-275-M, J-275-H
622T-8 622 Triplex T600-7, T600-5, T600-4, T600-3
625Q-7 625 Quintuplex J-625-L, J-625-M, J-625-H