Glossary – Piston Pump Parts


Power Frame – One-piece, close grain, cast iron casting with heavy wall sections, well ribbed to insure rigid construction and designed to fully enclose all working parts.

Gears – Herringbone construction. Main gear is heat treated high grade ductile iron. Pinion gear is cut from forged alloy steel and hardened.

Crankshaft – Heavy center section for mounting main gear of piston pumps. Large diameter crank pins for optimum load capacity.

Pinion Shaft – Machined and precision ground from heat treated alloy carbon steel.

Bearings – Heavy duty tapered roller bearings do crankshaft. Self- contained double row ball bearings or single row straight roller bearings on pinion shaft to permit free floating of shaft for self-centering of gears on an axial piston pump.

Connecting Rods – Heavy cross section castings with renewable babbitt lined steel shell bearings in crank end; bronze bushings in crosshead end.

Crossheads – Cylindrical-type, one-piece, cast iron castings. Crosshead pins are case hardened and precision ground steel.

Lubrication – All power end parts, crank & pinion shafts including gears, crossheads, connecting rod bearings, crankshaft bearings, and pinion shaft bearings are lubricated by a field proven crankcase reservoir splash-gravity feed system.

Stuffing Boxes – Each duplex piston pump is furnished with replaceable type cast iron stuffing boxes.

Packing – Standard packing is a set of lip-type or square packing rings depending upon the application.


Liquid End Body – Standard materials available are ductile iron and steel castings. Liquid ends can be trimmed out for pumping various liquids.

Cylinder Heads – Heavy section steel bolt-on type with O-ring gaskets.

Valve Covers – Heavy section steel bolt-on type with O-ring gaskets.

Liners – All piston pumps are available with interchangeable type liners. Standard materials include cast iron, file hard steel and special corrosion resistant liners.

Piston Rods – Various materials are available for straight or API taper rods. Some of these are; steel, stainless steel, file hard steel, and chrome plated steel.

Pistons – Cast iron bodies fitted with various types of rings are available. Slush service pistons can also be furnished.

Valves – Valves and seats are available as follows; Hardened and ground steel wing guided and bronze wing guided. Stainless steel disc valves with stainless steel seats. Various styles of slush type valves are also available for your piston pump.

Stuffing Boxes – All duplex pumps are furnished with replaceable type boxes which are available in cast iron, steel and nickel aluminum bronze.

Packing – Standard packing is a set of lip-type or square packing rings. Other packings can be furnished for special applications.

Stuffing Box Lubrication – Optional, depending on the application. Furnished by use of a regulated flow of oil from a force feed lubricator mounted on an axial piston pump, with a separate oil line to each stuffing box and V-belt driven.