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Updated 10-10-96

We believe the commonly accepted conventional nomenclature and descriptions of liquid supply systems for reciprocating pumps is often misleading and provides an inaccurate description of the pumping action. This nomenclature often describes attributes of the pump which do not exist. Intellectually, we all understand the conventional notations and descriptions, however the concept of the pump being a machine which takes action on a liquid often confuses and deceives the intellect into believing that the pump has control over the amount of liquid being introduced into the pump.

The pump relies upon outside forces to push the liquid through the inlet manifold and inlet valve into the liquid chamber of the pump. The pump cannot pull the liquid into the liquid chamber as there is no tensile strength to the liquid. The pump merely creates a partial vacuum in the liquid chamber which is then filled by the forces acting upon the liquid on the inlet side of the pump.

Also, please remember when reading this manual, that liquids remain liquids only so long as outside pressure remains high enough to keep the liquid from boiling. If the pressure on the liquid is reduced below the pressure at which the liquid boils at the pumping temperature, the liquid changes to its vapor state and is no longer a liquid. It is the responsibility of the liquid supply system to provide liquid to the pump inlet at sufficient pressure to keep the liquid from boiling during the pumping cycle. Doing this will prevent many dollars from being spent on repair of the pump, the supply system, and the discharge system.

This manual is not intended to solve all the problems which come up in applications involving WGI reciprocating pumps. We do hope it does provide enough insight to allow the reader to place the action of a reciprocating pump in its proper perspective.



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